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In 2021 The unique 3CD is published in Label MUSIC CENTRE

J. K. Mertz: KUKUK – Pavel Steidl / Martin Krajčo

The collection of 136 short entertaining pieces from the 19th century for solo guitar by the Bratislava native, composer and guitarist Joseph Kaspar Mertz is published in the form of a 3-CD album in its world premiere. It contains the composer's favorite folk melodies, anthems of various nations, dances, but also opera motifs, which were intended for the general public.






Joseph Kaspar Mertz - Kukuk

Legendary Cuban composer Leo Brouwer in 2021 dedicated composition Gismontiana for two guitars and strings to Martin and Radka Krajčo. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to premiere the work , first at the 45. Guitar festival of J. K. Mertz on September 1, 2021 and on September 22, 2021 at the chamber music cycle of the prominent Slovak string quartet Mucha Quartet Musica_Litera.

The study of the work was supported by Slovak Art Council from the public sources in the form of stipendium.

Leo Brouwer Gismontiana
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